Reading the Room

Recently I experienced a prime example of the importance of reading the room.  It was an end of day meeting, our 2nd with the client, and all decision makers were present.  It could not have gone better. There were no rolled eyes, no glances at the clock, and NO folded arms for the entirety of [...]

The Friend Zone

It’s rare when I decide to write from the other side of the buying cycle but I had an experience recently that reminded me to be cautious of the sales quicksand that is… the friend zone. Like most businesses, we purchase services & technologies just like everybody else. Because of what we do I am [...]

Cold Calling : : The Intro

When you answer a call from an unrecognized number, what is the first thing you want to know? If you are like most people it is, “Who is calling?” and “Why are they calling (you)?” This should tell you that the first thing you need to do when learning, prepping, or perfecting your cold-calling efforts [...]

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