Coffee & Closers Featuring Andrew Warg, Foodsby

This month at Coffee & Closers, we were excited to sit down at COCO and learn from our friend and colleague Andrew Warg, the Director of National Accounts at Foodsby. In 3.5 years Andrew has helped take an unknown NE Minneapolis tech/service platform named Foodsby from complete obscurity into 13 markets across the country. Mickeli Bedore at the Bedore Business Group asked Andrew to share his experiences and lessons learned, and everyone walked away with some great tangible advice on cold calling, finding good sales people, and learning how to follow your gut in our data driven world.

A Few Take Aways from Andrew Warg

Cold Calling
First, you need to “know your audience”/ understand what’s important to your prospects.
You need to eliminate your fear of rejection.
If you don’t ask for what you want, you’re never going to get it.
Do not go in to sell something; you don’t even know if you can help them initially. Go in to network, sell the meeting not the product, and focus on them – NO commission breath.
High level thought leaders appreciate a courteous/respectful persistence. However, NEVER call to “just check in;” always, ensure that you are providing value.

In-person “Cold Calls”
Put a smile on your face; it’s ok to talk to strangers this time.
Ask “how are you doing?” A personal touch can break down barriers.
Ask questions to understand their pain.
Find a champion; make friends and provide them value.
Ask for friends/ connections they recommend that could use services also.

Finding good sales people
Ask yourself “Am I comfortable in an interview with them?”
You want to be excited about the people you hire (don’t settle, even if you need numbers).
Companies have core values, so do people – ask them about theirs.
Ask them about their life focuses & drivers / validate online.
Who talks most of the time? Good salespeople will ask YOU questions
Are they genuinely trying to understand you?

In this data driven world, one tends to get lost in all the numbers and metrics. One major takeaway from Andrew was his comment “it’s 2018, data is huge, but our decisions were made from “gut & common sense.” Watch the video for more detailed descriptions of the above and many more sales tips & tricks.

The Bedore Business Group

Andrew’s Recommended Books:
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Stephen R. Covey
Outliers: The Story of Success – Malcolm Gladwell

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