Life is more fun when business is booming...

// Coffee&Closers

This ongoing Q+A series was inspired by our membership in a coworking space and seeing the need for sales knowledge in the startup community – brilliant minds who could create anything but did not know how to find clients or sell their services. The goal of this event and these videos is for listeners to authentically receive process design, tools used, and tips on what works to successfully grow revenue and therefore, grow businesses. This interview style format will give you a peek into some of the top sales minds that propelled the growth of companies like When I Work, Fision, and Infor. This series is for entrepreneurs, small businesses, intraprenuers, solopreneurs, nerds, creators, inventors & everyone in between.

// Closers Community

Our people have spoken, nay, demanded more - and we are happy to oblige. Our Closers Community facebook group is only the beginning of this journey. However, sign up to get continuous motivation/inspiration/knowledge from past guests, be the first to learn about upcoming events, workshops, and more; and connect with other professionals in sales/marketing roles to share tips & tricks.

// Closers Clinics

This is a unique opportunity to learn from some of the top minds in revenue growth as well as your peers in a small group setting. In two years, Coffee&Closers grew from a small gathering in a coworking space to a theater full of people hungry for ``sales served with a side of fun.`` We're taking that one step further - offering very specific, very tangible sales training from some of the best in their craft from all over this fine country. However, the beauty of this training lies in the community itself - register today and you will see why we're so excited about this event.