Life is more fun when business is booming...


BeBG’s all-star cast of multi-million dollar producing business development and closing specialists have won countless awards over the past couple decades at some of the biggest sales organizations in the world. Our team has chosen to come together to share this experience authentically, while inviting new and existing friends to do so as well.

Why? So many business professionals (us included) tend to focus too much on the now & the frustrations at hand versus enjoying the beautiful purpose that brought us here. We learn nothing from the win, but everything along the journey. Thus, we created a Media group dedicated to capturing the climb.

For some, sales is the reason they never get their dream off the ground. For others, they would love to double their $2.5M revenue ceiling but don’t know how. This is exactly why we brought together today’s top business development minds, sales operations experts, and confident closers to help you achieve greatness.

We know that with proven processes in play and a support group you can count on, anything is possible.

Our team believes that if everyone experienced achievement doing what they love in an environment where they are celebrated without the burden of financial worry, the world would be incredible. Our goal is to minimize financial woes so risk takers like you can focus on your passions and inspire others to do the same.




Mickeli Bedore
Mickeli Bedore
Mickeli has spent the last 15 years in technology sales, ranked in the top 3-5% at some of the most competitive sales environments in the world.

Success : :
4x Presidents Club sales recipient at Fortune 100 Companies
3x 200% + YOY growth at Fortune 100’s selling into Fortune 50’s
Ranked top 3% sales performer at 4 world leaders `{`IBM, Oracle, SAP/Concur, Verizon`}`
2nd profitable startup led in 3 years

Sales Leadership
Rich has over 20 years of award-winning sales leadership experience at some of the biggest sales organizations on the planet `{`Bard, Johnson & Johnson, etc.`}`

Success : :
Built sales force from 25 to 250 representatives & 5 managers to 26 within two years
Exceeded quarterly growth targets for 12 consecutive quarters as Director
2x Presidents Club sales recipient
Finished #1 Nationally for a Fortune 100 Company
Awarded Manager of the Year, #1 in National ranking

Susie has led organizational efforts at some of the fastest moving organizations in the country at FranNet, ExecuNet, and now BeBG.

Success : :
1,000+ campaign workflow managed successfully
59 new markets launched with a 34% customer increase YOY
10 top performing offices supported across the US
Successfully leads operations at 2 profitable startups

Allison has designed everything from products featured in Men’s Journal, logos celebrated by Shark Tank execs, and nationally recognized buildings like Mayo Clinic Square.

Success ::
Built award winning brands featured in Men’s Journal & National Geographic Best of Guide
Work celebrated in AIA Magazine, Finance & Commerce, San Francisco Business Times, etc.
Designed iconic spaces in China, Ireland, Minneapolis, & San Francisco
Multi-Award Winner in both the brand space as well as the architectural field